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Credit Card Online Service Terms & Conditions

These Terms & Conditions set out the terms of the agreement (the "Agreement") under which Allied Irish Banks, p.l.c. shall provide the Credit Card online service to you and incorporate the Privacy Policy described at Section 7. Please ensure that you have read and understood these Terms & Conditions before you use the Credit Card online service.

In these Terms and Conditions, "we", "us", "our" and the "Bank" refer to Allied Irish Banks, p.l.c. and "you" refers to the Cardholder who is using the Credit Card online service. Additionally, some other words have special meanings as follows:

Account means the card account kept by us in the name of the Cardholder in which debits and credits in respect of Transactions are recorded.

Authorised User
Authorised User means another named person to whom you have given permission to use your Account.

Cardholder means only the person(s) in whose name the Account is maintained and does not include any Authorised Users.

Banking Day
Banking Day means any day from Monday to Friday excluding a day which is a Bank Holiday in both the Republic of Ireland and England.

Code Card
Code Card means the card containing 100 unique codes which may be issued to the Cardholder by the Bank for use in conjunction with the Credit Card online service for authentication purposes.

Credit Card
The credit card issued to the Cardholder or any Authorised User for the purpose of effecting Transactions on the Account.

Personal Access Code (PAC)
PAC means the five digit code allocated to you by the Bank for use (in conjunction with your User ID) for accessing your Account through the Credit Card online service.

Service means the Credit Card online service provided by us to allow you to access your Account information and obtain certain account management services via the Internet.

Transaction means a transaction in which a Credit Card is used to obtain goods, services or cash on credit.

User ID
User ID means the unique ID allocated to you by the Bank for accessing your Account through the Service.

1. Looking after your User ID, PAC and Code Card
1.1 You shall keep your User ID, Code Card and PAC (your "Security Information") confidential at all times. You may, however, inform our staff of your User ID (but not your PAC or Code Card) when discussing the Service with them.

1.2 You must not let anybody else use your User ID, PAC or Code Card, or tell anyone your PAC.

1.3 Your PAC will be issued in a sealed document which you should open immediately and destroy as soon as you have memorised the number. You should not write or record your PAC in any way which might be recognised as a PAC, or write it on a document kept with or near your User ID and Code Card.

2. Misuse of your User ID, PAC or Code Card
2.1 If you think someone else knows your Security Information, or if you believe your Security Information is liable to be misused, or if you have forgotten your Security Information, then you must tell us as soon as possible by contacting us immediately.

2.2 In the event of misuse of any of your Security Information we expect you to co-operate with us and the police in any investigation.

2.3 If you act fraudulently in using the Service you shall be liable for all losses, costs or expenses that we incur as a result of your actions. If your Security Information has been misused as a result of you failing to act with reasonable care in protecting your Security Information then we may require that you reimburse us for all losses, costs or expenses that we incur as a result.

3. Equipment
The technical equipment necessary to access the Service (for example a personal computer and internet connection) shall be provided by you and be maintained by you and at your expense.

4. Using the Service
4.1 The User ID and PAC are needed to access the Service. The Code Card is only required for certain account management services.

4.2 You may use your User ID and PAC to view your Account, by means of the various facilities we provide for you to do so.

4.3 Account management actions which have been taken on your Account using the Service will be regarded as binding on you and us, unless they are proved to have been unauthorised. If you have any queries or disputes with regard to actions on your Account you should bring them to our attention as soon as possible.

5. Information on the Card Balances and Statements
5.1 Balances of Account that are available through the Service will be the balances at close of business on the previous Banking Day adjusted to include any debits or credits, paper or electronic transactions processed by us in the interim. Furthermore, as the balance may also reflect uncleared payments, it may consequently be adjusted if such payments are not cleared.

6. Security
6.1 You accept that electronic mail passing over the Internet may not be secure and may be intercepted by unauthorised persons or delivered incorrectly. In consequence the Bank cannot guarantee the privacy or confidentiality of electronic mail passing over the Internet.

6.2 You should log off from the Service and close the browser when leaving your terminal unattended.

6.3 To ensure we carry out your instructions accurately and to help improve our service and in the interests of security, we may monitor and/or record your telephone calls with us. All recordings are our sole property and will be accessed only under the supervision of one of our authorised employees.

6.4 You are responsible for ensuring that your technical equipment used to access the Service is kept virus free.

6.5 The Bank will take all reasonable care to ensure the security of, and prevent unauthorised access to, our computer banking systems.

7. Your Personal Data
In order to provide the Service to you, the Bank may collect and process information about you (including the information that you provide when you register for the services). The Bank's collection and processing of personal information is subject to the Credit Card online service Privacy Policy which sets out additional information about the type of information that the Bank collects and how the Bank uses that information. You can read the Credit Card online service Privacy Policy at any time by following the links on the Credit Card online service. Please make sure that you have read and understood the Credit Card online service Privacy Policy as the policy forms part of, and is incorporated in your Agreement.

8. Liability
8.1 We shall not be liable to you or to any third party for:

(a) any loss of income, business, goodwill or profits arising out of this Agreement;

(b) any modification, suspension or discontinuance of the Service;

(c) any damage to any computer, telephone service or other property which results from your use of the Service;

(d) any unauthorised use of your Security Information to access the Service;

(e) any loss of, damage to or corruption to data, which results from your use of the Service;

(f) the consequences of any delay or mistake relating to the provision of the Service caused by any circumstances beyond our control;

(g) any loss or damage which was not caused by our breach of this agreement or breach of our legal duty of care; or

(h) any loss or damage which was not a reasonably foreseeable result of either our breach of this agreement or breach of our legal duty of care. Loss or damage is "reasonably foreseeable" if, at the time we entered into this Agreement, such loss was contemplated by you and by us.

8.2 Nothing in these Terms & Conditions excludes or limits our liability for fraud, death or personal injury caused by our negligence, or any liability which may not be excluded or limited under any applicable law.

9. Modification, Termination of Service and Maintenance
9.1 At any time we may modify or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, the Service (or any part thereof) by providing reasonable notice to you. However, if we have serious grounds for modifying or discontinuing the Service, or if our intended modifications are minor, or relate to an improvement of the Service we may do so without notice to you.

9.2 You may terminate this Agreement at any time by giving the Bank not less than 10 Banking Days' prior notice to that effect but your termination of this Agreement will not affect the requirement for you to pay the Bank any money that you owe on your Account.

9.3 We may temporarily or permanently deactivate your ability to use the Service and/or terminate your relationship with us at any time by providing reasonable prior notice to you. We need not, however, give you notice where we have serious grounds for considering that immediate termination or deactivation is required (e.g. if we reasonably suspect fraudulent or unauthorised use of your Account). For your protection, if you do not use the Service for a period of one year, we reserve the right, to cancel your User ID, PAC and Code Card without providing notice to you.

9.4 We may permanently deactivate your ability to use the Service and immediately terminate this Agreement if your agreement with the Bank in respect of your Credit Card is terminated for any reason.

9.5 We may suspend access to the Service from time to time in order to perform maintenance work. We will use reasonable efforts to minimise the disruption to the Service and where possible will perform any maintenance work between the hours of 3 am and 7 am. However, we will not be liable for any unavailability of the Service which is caused by us carrying out maintenance work.

10. Warranties
10.1 We will provide the Service using reasonable care and skill. However, we cannot guarantee a continuous, fault-free service. We do not make any other promises or warranties about the Service.

10.2 This Agreement does not affect your statutory rights and must be read subject to those rights. If you require more information on your statutory rights you should contact your local authority Trading Standards Department or Citizens Advice Bureau.

11. Intellectual Property
11.1 You will not acquire any ownership rights in data or materials developed by the Bank for the purposes of providing the Service. You shall use such data and materials only for the purpose of accessing the Service in accordance with this Agreement.

11.2 Reproduction of part or all of the contents of the Bank's web pages in any form is prohibited without the prior consent of the Bank, except that you may print or download one copy of the contents of the Bank's web pages for your personal, non-commercial use.

12. Changing these Terms & Conditions
12.1 We may amend these Terms & Conditions as a result of a change in the law or good practice, customer feedback or product development/enhancement or for such other valid reasons as are advised to you at the time of notification of the change. We will notify you of any such amendment in accordance with Clause 13 below.

12.2 We will post the modified Terms & Conditions on the Credit Card online service web site. You can view the most current version of the Terms & Conditions at any time. The amended Terms & Conditions will apply to you if (1) you do not notify us to the contrary within 20 days of the date of our notice (or such other reasonable period of time as specified in the our notice to you), or (2) you use the Service after such notice period. If you do not accept the changes, additions or deletions, your Service registration will be cancelled.

13. Notices
13.1 We may provide notices to you either via email or regular mail to any address that you have provided us. We may also provide you notices by sending you an electronic message through the Service. You may provide us notices by letter to the address set out in clause 16 (Contacting Us) or by telephoning the Credit Card customer service department .

14. General
14.1 These Terms & Conditions are to be read in conjunction with the standard terms and conditions relating to the Account. In the event of a conflict between these Terms & Conditions and the standard terms & conditions relating to the Account, the standard terms & conditions of the Account shall take precedence.

14.2 If either of us does not enforce, or delays enforcing, rights under this Agreement, this will not stop us doing so at a later date.

14.3 All information obtained from the Bank by you relating to the Bank's operations and systems in connection with online banking shall be treated by you in the strictest confidence and shall not be disclosed by you to any third party.

14.4 This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of England.

15. What to do if you have a complaint
In the event that you wish to make a complaint you may do so by writing to us, at the address below. If you are still not satisfied you may be entitled to take your complaint to the Financial Services Ombudsman at The Financial Ombudsman Service, Exchange Tower, London E14 9SR. If you require further detail on our complaints procedure please contact us.

16. Contacting us
For contact details please click here.

The Credit Card online service is provided by Allied Irish Banks, p.l.c.. Registered Office: Bankcentre, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4, Republic of Ireland. Registered in Ireland No 24173.

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